New Stuff!

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New Stuff!

Post by Lugia on Fri Sep 03, 2010 5:03 am

I have added some new stuff.

  • A report system. From now on, when you see a rule breaking post, report it; don't minimod.
  • We got a new skin. We are going to be making changes to the images soon so please bear with me and Turtwig/Guko/Gengar.
  • I got a new chatbox. It is a client called Mibbit and can be found here. I want to hear your thoughts before I make the switch, but I'd like to do it eventually. But I will use PurpleSurge if I can figure out how to embed it. I was able to embed the chat, and it can be found here. This chat requires Java.
  • I have added a portal.
  • MiniM00se, who was previously a global moderator, has been promoted to Administrator!


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